Art Therapy


No Artistic talent required.

All that is needed for Art Therapy is a desire to feel better. Working in individual or group sessions art therapists guide the client in making art projects that will help the client get in touch with their feelings. The projects can range from painting and drawing to sculpture. It depends on the client and the issues they are addressing. While the client works on the project the therapist helps identify emotions and issues that need to be discussed and released.

Art Therapy

Self Expression

Just because you are seeing an Art Therapist does not mean that you will be working on art projects every time. There will be times when other methods will be used instead. And yes, there can and will be homework for some clients in art therapy. Self-expression for homework, if only classes gave that kind of homework out.

Art Therapy


Art Therapy Education

Art Therapist will have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in therapy along with art therapy education. The letters that follow the name vary from state to state. Here in at The Enhancement Center New Mexico you therapist will either be an LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) or an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). In The Enhancement Center Texas LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).

Art therapy


Regardless of the type of therapist you pick Art Therapy can be a great addition to your therapy practice. You never have to display anything you make during these sessions but you can. Art is another way to peel off the layers and get to the heart of whatever issue is causing you discomfort in your life.

Interested in learning more about Art Therapy or becoming an Art Therapist? Please visit the American Art Therapy You can learn more about what to expect in a session or from a therapist.