Telehealth and Therapy

Today, many medical services and supports are now being provided through the use of video-telehealth technology. This is typically conducted by the patient or client signing into a website or program online or over the phone and accessing their healthcare provider through a live video or phone call. The Enhancement Center provides psychotherapy and behavior therapy services utilizing video-telehealth for individuals and families.

Tele-Behavioral Health

How Does Video-Telehealth Work?

The Enhancement Center utilizes a privacy-protected (HIPAA compliant) video-telehealth program that provides live therapy services and supports to individuals, caregivers, and families.

The client and/or caregiver would need to have an email address and access to a device with a camera and internet. This device can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. At the time of the session, the therapist emails the client or caregiver a link. The client or caregiver simply clicks on that link and a notification will be sent to the therapist that they have arrived for the session. Once the therapist clicks on the link, both the client and the therapist will appear on camera and the session will begin. The session is then conducted just as it would be if they were both sitting in an office.


Video-Telehealth keeps commuting at bay.

Why use video-telehealth?

For many, access to a mental health provider that has experience in their area of need may be difficult. This may be due to their location, traffic, schedule, etc. Video-telehealth provides the client and/or caregiver with supports and services in a way that may be more accessible, convenient, and comfortable.


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Cynthia K. Spencer, MSEd, LPCC-NM, LPC-TX