Why your private practice will thrive with the The Enhancement Center:

Private Practice

Insurance billing dept

Administrative Support

Helping you private practice stay on track by keeping an eye on the paperwork

We take the intake and verify insurance information.

We select the best therapist based on presenting problem, location and therapist availability.

We contact therapists with referral information, then the therapist contacts the client and schedules their own appointments.

We re-verify insurance eligibility at the first of each month for all clients.

Social Media

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Behavioral Health

Support Crew

Competitive Pay

Commission pay based on a percentage of fees collected.

 A collection rate of 94% after 90 days (as of April 2017), in an industry where the standard is 80% after 90 days.

Commission pay increases based on time with the group, licensure level, and amount of billable charges.


Jim Shotwell

Quality Assurance Systems

Our Internet-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) system includes unique Assessment, Treatment Plan, Progress Notes and Discharge Summary created in-house.

Ongoing administrative, clinical, and billing audits of all records to ensure accuracy and clinical necessity.

Access to a cloud-based system for health records.

To help keep your private practice in compliance with federal guidelines

Private Practice

Working together


We contract with many of the local health plans.

We handle initial and ongoing credentialing including CAQH and Availity.

Prompt reminders sent to therapists for License and Insurance renewal.

Taking the hassle out of your private practice


Meet the Staff

Executive Director

Jim Shotwell, LISW
Executive Director

“Our goal is helping therapists have successful private practices.”


Administrative Coordinator

Director of Operations

Neal Shotwell
Director of Operations

“Enhancement Center is a great place for good people to do important work.”


Andrea Romero
Billing Manager

“I’m proud to be part of a team that successfully bills above industry standards.”

Amy Pappas
Accounts Manager