Counseling, Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy in Texas

Providing behavior therapy, psychotherapy, counseling and consultation for individuals, parents, families, and caregivers. Specializing in Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Many of us face personal challenges in our everyday lives. These can create both behavioral and emotional difficulties. This can be especially challenging for an individual with a developmental disability as well as for their caregivers. Access to a professional mental health and behavioral therapist with extensive education and experience working with Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities can be a significant support.

Our services encompass:

  • Children and adults

  •  Individual counseling and psychotherapy

  • Family therapy

  • Behavior therapy, consultation, and training for individuals and caregivers

  • Evidence-based practices that include the principles of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Individualized, personalized and collaborative services and supports