Behavior Therapy/ Behavior Management in Texas

Specializing in people of all ages with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their caregivers.

  • Behavior management and consultation–challenging or disruptive behavior in children and adults with disabilities in various settings

  • Applied Behavior Analysis: utilizes the behavioral principles of antecedent-behavior-consequence to establish a functional relationship between a behavior and an intervention and includes the use of evidence-based behavioral strategies and interventions

  •  Independent Living Skill Development: Independent Living

    skills, Health and Safety skills, Self-Regulation and Stress Management skills, Social and Communication skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making skills.

  •  Family Therapy-disruptive family life, challenging behaviors, excessive conflict, families supporting a developmentally disabled family member

Our Behavior Therapists can help with:

• Challenging Behaviors at Home, Work, School or Day Program – verbally or physically aggressive, excessively uncooperative, problems with appropriately communicating wants or needs, at risk of losing placement at work, day hab or school
• People with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder – excessive agitation in certain environments, problems with over or under-stimulation
• Mental Health Concerns – excessive worry, excessive feelings of sadness or thoughts of suicide, easily agitated, acting impulsively
• Relationship Problems – lack of friendships, easily exploited in relationships, avoids interacting with others